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Mental Stimulus Obstacle Course

Goal: Develop efficient ability for smooth transitions of motion while maintaining elevated focus and pace by allowing the course of natural assimilation to enhance the mental soundness of the horse.

The mental capacity of the equine controls the physical output of the athlete; making overall mental preparedness a key ingredient to the competitive edge. Mental soundness is very often the defining point between success and failure; Physical Conformation can fall short or be inconsistent without the congruence of a sound Emotional Conformation. By researching and developing concepts in Equine Athletic Psychology, we at THT employ interval mental stimuli specifically designed for your horse; a powerful tool for unlocking and building potential.

The ability to interpret various stimuli smoothly and decisively in motion is the governing factor for just how far your horse can be elevated physically; finding ways to nurture this ability is your key to success. THT Theory of Relative Motion; (see A View From The Hoof?s Behavior In Motion, under the Giving Back section) is the cornerstone behind the obstacle course designs.

Both the stimulus course and stimulus paddock employ Variable Stimulus Training concepts on several levels. Course designs can be formatted to fit into many different areas, large and small.

THT Stimulus Paddock: A designed set of stimulus protocols planned to fit within the parameters of a smaller paddock or pasture. Variable mental/sensory stimuli that requires both singular and dual interpretation with pace in a slow or brisk walk on abbreviated foot trails, is a fine way to mold the foundation of all horses and is an effective approach to maintain or revise the Emotional Conformation. Mental stimulus is also vital as the horse physically convalesces.

THT Stimulus Course: A designed pathway of functional distance that allows for singular through multiple interpretative protocols to be employed while in motion; from the walk, to the trot and then a relaxed gallop depending on design, location and athletic goals. The stimulus course embraces the concept of time-in-motion and allows for protracted interpretation with a wide array of the key ingredient; interval stimuli in varying degrees of pace. The pathway is fitted into a width of approximately 6 feet wide and utilizes variable types of terrain, per availability, location and goals. If you are interested in the THT Mental Stimulus Obstacle Course, your site worldwide, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Equine Obstacle Course

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