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Dear Kerry,

After reading about the THT philosophies on behavior, the depth of information and presentation struck me as informative and unique, and made me revisit my points of view regarding my race horses. I have come to embrace that THT services in behavior related issues are very much of an investigative nature. My question then is this; could the same investigative style be expected within the Light Touch Therapy sessions?

- Thanks.
Rebecca, San Diego, California



That is an excellent question. The answer is a resounding yes. THT services, from behavior work right through stress management and all or any assessments, inclusive of both pre-boarding and pre-purchasing, are of an investigative nature. THT offers many service areas, however all of them can be expected to carry forth the same investigative flavor; it is the case specific investigation of and into the horse that allows for the manifestation of the techniques developed for stress or behavior related potential withholds, the underlying enemy of all horses.


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