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Hi Mr. Thomas,

My horses seem at ease and easy to handle pretty much all the time, but does this mean they have no stress issues? Or are they clever at hiding them?

- Anonymous owner, Canberra, New South Wales Australia


Dear Anonymous -

You will find that the majority of horses are generally calm and easy going for the most part, and they are programmed to live by the law of subtlety, lest a wild predator discover their whereabouts. So they are very clever at hiding their stress issues which sadly often show themselves with a sudden illness or serious depression sometime later.

In many cases, your calm horses may never show signs of worry or depression, but it does not mean they are devoid of either. Stress arrives and is delivered to your horse in innumerable ways, maintaining a happy horse means allowing avenues for them to disseminate these daily stresses.

Light Touch Therapy (LTT), has been designed and developed to assist the horse in the unnatural world like the stall, paddock, trailer, and pasture, to manage stress in a more natural way, such as subtle contact communicated via the slow constriction of the circle.

Thanks for checking in,

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