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I have one real good horse in training but we seem to be at a crossroads. Can you use EthoGrade to help me determine if my horse has hit a mental wall or if we need to tweak his training program to open the door so his mental capacity can match his obvious physical ability?

- Anonymous Thoroughbred Owner, Versailles, Kentucky


This is a fantastic question I was asked by someone during a conversation at the September '09 Keeneland sales. The answer is most certainly yes. One of the unique aspects and uses of the EthoGrade scale is the determination of the mental capacity, and moreover the Emotional Conformation of the horse. This is extremely relevant information for so many things; ongoing training and training protocols designed to match the athlete, high among them.

EthoGrade offers a unique and powerful insight to the equine psyche. It allows you to get to know and understand your horse as an individual, opening the door to the development of training standards specifically designed for your individual horses needs. The demands of the in-training athlete require as much nurturing as does the development of the physical athlete. Developing both the body and the mind of any athlete is vitally important in order to reach the highest potential. No matter how majestic looking the airplane is, you still need a pilot who can get the most out of it.

Determining if there is more in the tank with a little nurturing here and there, or whether your athlete has simply reached its potential and no amount of training physically will change the outcome, plays an important role in the decision making process on what the best fit is for the horse. The inconsistent athlete may be fraught with latent variables creating the Herding Holdups & Potential Withholds which inhibit progress. Or it may well be that this is it and to continue to press that square peg into that round hole, will end up in disappointment and even injury.

EthoGrading helps to sort out this puzzle and is powerful information that can be applied to the ongoing training process by monitoring progress, potential, overall sustainable capacity and focus ability.

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