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Kerry M. Thomas in the field


Mailing Address:
Thomas Herding Technique
206 Homeville Road
Cochranville, PA 19330
Phone/Fax: 610-593-4889



The utter importance of qualified human resources cannot be overstated. No THT program could hope for true success without the founder realizing the importance of finding carefully selected high quality skilled people to become a part of our company goals that we set for ourselves and pass along to our clients. The following people are just a few core members all working together to bring forth the very best innovation and concept performance to our clients' investment goals. These folks have helped make THT not a "me" company, but a "we" company.

Kerry M. Thomas, Founder & Owner
| Office: 610-593-4889

Pete Denk, Director of Equine Services
| Mobile: 859-699-7890
Pete's skill set and experience inside the racing industry made him a natural herd selection to be a part of the THT Team. Pete handles all inquiries professionally; you can contact Pete with all of your questions about how we can help you with our Emotional Conformation Profiling Services and also answer your questions about making an investment in our racing and breeding programs.

"Business is a battle for position within the herd; you must accomplish your purpose before your competitor can affectively react..." - KMT