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Kerry M. Thomas


For the Love

How could there ever be,
More love from you than you showed me,
How do we ever say, that
Your memory will last beyond each day.
Your frolicking tail and mischievous eye,
Oh you made us laugh and smile and giggle and why,
But you were the star of our lives, alive forever,
Indeed, one like you; so thankful for the times together.
All that you gave, all that you were,
The many smiling faces and so many children racing,
Just to see you laughing?this joy from you we?re taking...
May the kindness you showed all,
Be never forgotten through winter or fall.
And as for me, my dearest friend,
My love for you, it has no end.
I will never forget those precious times we shared,
(my broken heart to ever mend?)
For there can never be another, all thoughts of you,
Through time transcend.
It is the love of the horse, too few do know,
like my love for the horse, called Geronimo.
-- Kerry M. Thomas

Thank you Germy, I will miss you my friend, and I will always love you.