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Kerry M. Thomas

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy does invaluable work to preserve, educate and keep alive the rare breeds of animals that are so precious. Their work in maintaining rare horse breeds stands alone.
Lester Buckley is without a doubt one of the best natural horseman of our age. His work, honesty and inventive qualities set Buckley Sport Horses LLC, apart from the rest. Indeed, this is gentle, soft-hands horsemanship in its finest representation.
United States Equestrian Federation is an essential emissary to the athletic horse and rider. Providing leadership in the sport, promoting fair play, the pursuit of excellence and safety, USEF is instrumental in the world of the horse in the United States. In the U.S. they are the largest multi-breed organization, licensing more than 2,800 competitions nationwide.
I have a personal love of the arts and especially equine art. I have found the works of Dagmar Galleithner to be exquisite. Having become a personal friend of mine as well as an artist I admire, I would like to invite you to visit her website.
Gray Dapple is a Thoroughbred Horse Rescue based in THT's home state of Pennsylvania. Founded by Amanda Sorvino, Gray Dapple is among the most energetic and kind organizations to help the horses that can be found.
Iron Maidens Thoroughbreds is the first to list THT Services as a part of their bloodstock work. We are proud and honored to be associated with Laura Ross.
Iron Spring Farm has worked to bring the very best European quality sport horses to the United States, and has succeeded without equal. With Warm Bloods and Friesians of incredible quality, Iron Spring Farm brings forth unique blood lines and an impressive breeding program of quality and integrity.
Dr. Judith Shoemaker is a world renowned Veterinarian, her practice of both large and small animals is at the highest level. Dr. Shoemaker has worked on and with some of the elite Thoroughbred Race Horses around the world in her career.
Thomas Herding Technique has opened a Lexington, Kentucky farm base at Pine Knoll Farm. For information on THT at Pine Knoll and the other exciting opportunities available there, please visit thier website.
At THT we are delighted to have a preferred partnership with Project Masters, Inc. where we apply our unique Corporate Herd Communication, education seminars and curriculums in project management and leadership.
Working to secure and preserve a national treasure such as the Spanish Wild Mustangs, the center stands alone. The Mustangs in the Pryor's are living monuments to the human endeavor, a window into history that is unique. These magnificent horses should be guarded and nurtured just as much as the American Civil War Battlefields.
Rocky Mountain Research & Consulting Inc. offers some of the highest quality information on laminitis and related topics that can be found. A comprehensive, interesting array of articles and DVDs that brings forth the next level of education and research; the work and passion of Kathryn Watts is not only highly regarded, but very much needed.
The Wild Mustangs of America and the issues these beautiful creatures must face to remain wild, is of great importance to me. My research of these horse's is what THT is built upon. I am personally gracious for the efforts of Madeleine Pickens on behalf of the horses and those of us who love them.
THT highly recommends ThoroEdge, personally and professionally. Thoroedge strives to improve equine performance and soundness through the practical application of scientific principles during the training process. For cutting edge physiological information about your athlete, ThoroEdge is a step-above.