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Kerry M Thomas is recognized by many around the world as a pioneering researcher and service provider in the field of Equine Athletic Psychology. Starting his independent research of wild horse herds to initially learn more about their social structures for the purpose of developing therapy horses for children, Kerry made his first trips to Wyoming & Montana in 1989. After many years of working in various jobs including several years in construction to fund his research trips, Kerry moved into horse therapy development where he was able to use his research for the human-horse bond with children in need.

Early on in his research Kerry realized that it was Emotional Conformation and not Physical Conformation that governed the herd dynamics. With an understanding that this was the basis for everything horse, no matter the career choices we as people make for them, it would be their Emotional Conformation Profile that would dictate in large part, the success or failure of the horse in the human environment. Focusing on this research Kerry began to identify ways in which horses could be mentally conditioned toward a given goal, and spent 10 years streamlining the very unique Emotional Conformation Profiling of horse athletes; a process Kerry admits will necessarily always be evolving to fit specific needs. Rooted in this unique area of researching the psyche of the equine athlete can be found the berthing ground of Thomas Herding Technique. A business Kerry started "officially" in name in 2007, he was using his profiling techniques and applying the information to the sport horse industries many years prior.

With a focus now on the equine athletic psychology Kerry began to direct his innovative Emotional Conformation Profiling to the development of programs to advance the equine athlete in their given field as well as to identify the mental blocks that seem to pinion the advancement of many horses. Though Kerry works with all sport disciplines and training programs, it has been Thoroughbred Racing, because of his intensive study of herd motion, which has made the most use of THT efforts and continues to do so.

Offering both onsite and offsite profiling services such as race profiles via film footage, Kerry has taken his Thomas Herding Technique from the small town in Southeastern Pennsylvania where his headquarters is located, to all parts of the world. In the USA Kerry has profiled racehorses for clients from Hollywood Park to Fair Hill Training Center, and worked with owners, trainers and teams either onsite or off in Europe, South America, Australia and Hong Kong. THT is slated to work closely with the developments in China via The Royal Nanjing Jockey Club and has developing racing interests in the Middle East. Because the economics of behavior makes sense in today's economic arena, THT's Emotional Conformation Profiling is fast becoming for many the extra tool in the tool shed to add value to equine investments.

Profiling services that are being applied to racehorse management programs and breeding considerations with Kerry's research into Breeding for Behavior, represent only a few examples of how Emotional Conformation Profiling with THT is bringing innovative new concepts to the industry. With a new book out on his work, Kerry has lectured at colleges like Midway in KY & makes appearances when he can at various locations in the United States. Kerry is also seen at various sales locations where he provides onsite pre-purchase evaluations and at racetracks where he reviews potential claimers for clients.

Kerry is working toward the development of a THT Racehorse Academy with a projected location in Fulton County Pennsylvania and has a farm base in Lexington Kentucky as well at Pine Knoll Farm where you can schedule your horse for profiling services and program development.

Whether at your location anywhere in the world, at a THT facility or via film review services, Thomas Herding Technique's profiling and program development services works with your team or theirs; because the betterment of the horse is for the betterment of man.